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Some words about wood carving

Wood carving is our hobby. We are passionate about wood carving since 2002. That’s 17 years of experience! We are happy that you come here to learn more about this fantastic art.

Your hands are itching to start having fun in the workshop? Regardless of the size of the challenge: minor repairs at home, carving a wooden spoon or spaceship, in woodcarving, i.e. the art of wood carving, the most important are patience, tools and the sense of the moment. From choosing the best wood to choosing the right Dremel accessories – this introduction to the art of woodcarving will definitely help you get started well.

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Since you’ve found this website I suppose it’s ok to let you know… “I’m a true lover of wood carving .” The truth is, I’m always on the internet looking for the best information on how to carve wood properly. That’s what led me to put this website up. Let me explain…

While surfing around the internet, I stumbled upon something so fantastic that it immediately got my attention… In fact, I discovered something so amazing that at first, I thought it was “too good to be true” like most things are.

Wood carving is my passion and I want to share it with as many people as possible. Believe it or not, I’ve decided to do something completely unheard of these days. I’m going to let you have this amazing manuscript for nothing.
Now you have no excuse for not being able to carve out a beautiful figure out of wood and attract comments from everyone who sees it.
So without any further adieu, let’s get started…


A famous painter, when asked, ‘How do I learn to paint?’ answered: ‘Take a canvas, take a brush, dip the brush in the paint and start.’ Similar advice can be given in all seriousness to the aspiring carver, for the best teachers in the world are practice and, of course, the strong urge to fashion something for its own sake.

Inwood, you have chosen one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most exacting media. If you are carving a design in which you are interested, if your tools are sharp, and the wood is moving smoothly away from the sharp edge of the tool like silk, wood carving is sheer pleasure. If, on the other hand, you are uncertain of your design, the tool is blunt, the wood splitting and ragging, and you are faced with a shapeless lump of timber, wood carving is then, without doubt, sheer misery. My main objective, therefore, in writing this book is to help you to design, and advisedly I put design first, and then to carve your designs in such a way that you create something really your own. It is important that in these days of mass production we do not lose sight of the inborn ability to use mind and hands together in personal creation.

Wood always retains something of its living quality. It is strong with the tensile strength of fibrous material. It is infinitely varied in the qualities of density, weight, and durability. Although vulnerable under certain conditions to fungi and insect attack, we know on evidence that wood has been carved for three thousand years and a few Egyptian wood carvings dating about 2600 b.c. are still extant. There is something about the very names of woods like ebony, snakewood, lignum vitae, that summons up thoughts of the dark forests and tropical shades where our ancestors started to carve in bone, wood, and stone.

The qualities and sap life of timber mean that some under­standing is necessary in order to make the best use of this material. In the following chapters, I have tried to give a guide to those who wish to carve in wood. The book does not cover carpentry and joinery. These skills can be of great value to the carver, and those who are also interested in construction would profit by lessons in general woodwork to be used in conjunction with carving.


It is not much at all. To start with, it’s enough:
Woodcarving knife -Special woodworking knives have fixed blades and longer handles. Invest in a good knife – it will pay off quickly.
Ax – Because of the fact that an ax is an indispensable tool when working with wood, it is possible that you will play the role of a woodcutter for a while. It is better to choose a smaller ax so that it fits well in your hand.
Whetstone Carving – sooner or later dulls every blade, so a good-quality ceramic whetstone is needed. The blade needs to be angled at 10-20 degrees and reciprocated on the whetstone.


This is some basic knowledge which you need to know before starting wood carving. There are some tips and tricks that will help beginners and even more experienced woodcarvers. You will learn about design, looking deeply into your carves, inspiration and much more!


We describe some thirty-five woods which are suitable for carving. The carver should be ready to try any variety of wood that comes his way, provided it is seasoned and little expense is involved. Woods new to this country are continually being imported and exciting discoveries can be made. A few minutes’ works will show the carving qualities of new wood.


Wood is a perishable material and has not the same continuous history as stone. Ancient stone carvings are still unearthed; Greek bronzes are still being fished out of the sea. But wood will not survive neglect and must be specially cared for if it is to endure. There are many gaps—many civilizations that have no wood carvings to represent them.


Tools showed in this article will help you find what you need. The most basic tools will teach you a lot on how to handle wood items; more so than the most complete set you can buy. If you are only ever starting out, you need to buy a few basic tools like a carving knife, a cutting knife, a gouger, a knife sharpener and a scalpel. Anything else you can buy for later when your wood carving skills have already improved. Additionally, these are the tools you would need to master first before you can buy more specialized types of equipment… if there really is a need to buy more.


You can use the menu under the logo of our site, which will help you to easily move around the website. Remember that wood carving is mainly about your imagination and passion. Without them, your sculptures won’t progress, either you!

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